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The Love That Dares Speak Its Name

Emily Harris’ 2019 retelling of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s Ur-Lesbian Vampire text Carmilla (1872) comes at you with so much intelligence, emotional authenticity, and raw, molting gorgeousness, the vampire bit might be the least interesting part. I have seen reviews that question whether there is even any vampirism […]

Cozying Up with the Son of Satan

Horror satisfies many social and psychological needs. These are the stories we are compelled to tell because they’re fun, because they’re exciting, because it’s natural to crave the thrill and the sweet, sweet dopamine of survival. They allow us to talk about trauma and grief and existential fear, […]

The Many Lives of Laurie Strode

Halloween (1978) wasn’t the first slasher film, not by a long, long shot, and Laurie Strode wasn’t the first Final Girl, but — as I have discussed here before — the commercial appeal and success of Halloween codified the slasher subgenre and set the rules for at least […]