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Fame & Neil Gaiman

For Neil Gaiman’s new book Anansi Boys, his publisher took out a full-page colour ad in the New York Times. “The wait is over,” the copy crowed. “The master storyteller and New York Times best-selling author of American Gods is back.” Tucked below the columnar type was a […]

McLuhan’s Cool Comics

Most people know Marshall McLuhan for a handful of catchphrases. Slogans like “the medium is the message” still tumble from the lips of zealous freshmen, even if they’re not quite sure what it means. Yet there’s more to his legacy than a few choice sound bites and a […]

Eiland in the Sky

The avant-garde is no place for a squeamish cartoonist — let alone two. They need unshakable faith in their medium, supreme confidence in their skill and it helps to be from Amsterdam, where razing the norm is a national pastime.

Comic Chameleon

In February ’04, when Jim Munroe and I were interviewed for an eye story on this website, Toronto cartoonist Marc Ngui caricatured us for the cover. He made Jim a spot-on reproduction of a video-game skin. Me, he drew in a nimble cross-hatching, a Crumb-style likeness so effective […]