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Van Comics

I was in Vancouver a few weeks back, mostly for kicks but also to sample the local comics scene. There’s more to it than Marc Bell, whose playfully obtuse strips and illustrations get most of the attention. Nicknamed Vansterdam for its tolerance of all things herbal, Vancouver has […]

A Real Conundrum

If you’ve seen the movie Sideways, you may remember Paul Giamatti’s character discussing his imminent book deal with a certain small-press publisher named Conundrum. “Conundrum?!” I thought between fistfuls of popcorn. “No, it can’t be.” How did Andy Brown — the mensch behind Montreal indie publisher Conundrum Press […]

Crumb’s Curves

“‘No matter where you point your toes while squatting, your quads are always worked the same,’ quoth this cheerful, self-confident young bodybuilder. And what an inspiring vision to the artist.” — R. Crumb, Art & Beauty Magazine, issue two

Supercilious Heroes

Not long ago,
you’d have been escorted out with a stifled laugh had you come to the Toronto
Reference Library looking for comic books. Today you’re led into a hushed chamber,
softly lit, where comics are spread lasciviously in glass cases and their artists’
original drawings are hung on the walls like rare insects.

The Semantics of Sound

“What does an eraser sound like?” The question was floated at a comic jam not long ago by a cartoonist who’d been slipped a panel to complete. It showed an artist rubbing himself out. Sidestepping the picture’s metaphor, the cartoonist instead was racking himself for a sound effect […]

X-Treme Measures

Some readers may flinch at the very scent of a superhero comicbook. Decades of flat artwork, turgid prose and hypertrophied subplots have frightened off all but a handful of masochists from the world of capes and glutes. It’s a trend Marvel Comics means to change.