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Punchy pixels

My grandfather was a boxer. Came here from Scotland barely out of his teens as Philip Heron, but his manager figured “Red Munroe” would look better on the fight bill, so he changed it. Either his new name or his right hook worked well, I guess, because he […]

Stealing Grand Theft Auto

I tried, you know. I tried to go legit. I sent two emails and left one voice message with Jeff Castaneda, Media Relations at Rockstar Games, explaining that I was starting a videogame column and that I’d be interested in considering the material for review. Grand Theft Auto: […]

Is it possible to have too much fun?

Is it possible to have a pleasure circuit overload? “Girls are to be kept away from those activities of civilization that over-stimulate the imagination and the senses, such as fashionable novels, paintings, music, balls, theaters… as this can lead to uterine epilepsy, sapphic tastes, and nymphomania.” While this […]