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“Persepolis is aimed in part at kids”

“[Persepolis is] aimed in part at kids–not despite the fact that it includes charged material, but because it does. Satrapi shows herself, as a child and then as a young woman, dealing with violence, with sexuality–with moving away from her parents, and failing, and trying again….But even if […]

Apple, Nudity and e-Books

At The Globe and Mail, Michael Posner writes on Apple’s corporate censorship of Peter Ovig Knudsen’s books, Hippie 1 and 2. “The Hippie book controversy follows a series of similar attempts by Apple to censor–or deny market access–to artistic material it deems offensive.”

Banned Book Week at Book View Cafe

Book View Cafe is observing Banned Book Week with a series of articles. The first post is, “50 Shades of Burning Books” by erotic romance author Marisa Day, responding to the burning of 5o Shades of Gray. “The attempt by any would-be moral elite to control access to […]

“We Do Not Want A Page On This Topic”

TV Tropes has blocked all its pages concerning rape as trope in popular culture  after Google threatened TV Tropes‘ ad revenue over “explicit content.” “If you’re thinking this ineffectual censorship just highlights how ridiculous and dangerous the pressure to rid our social vocabularies of potentially ‘creepy’ words like […]

Macbeth Must Die!

Ing K.  and Manit Sriwanchpoom’s Shakespeare Must Die, a Thai version of Macbeth, has been banned in Thailand: “This little art project dared to paint the Thai political crisis with a broad brush and with the story of Macbeth, the creators are re-telling one of the most important […]