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“A Year With Women”

Marya Gates has completed her project to watch only movies directed or co-directed by women in 2015. She shares the list of films and her thoughts at Cinema Fantatic. “Normally, I would write this post and talk about a few films I really loved from the year and […]

Yesterday’s Tomorrow: A Visit to Tativille

Against my better judgement, the lights in my apartment are connected to a wireless network controlled via an app. There are physical buttons, but they are located near the plugs, at ground level and often behind obstructions. When I leave, turning off the light requires digging my phone out of […]

“Cambodia’s Lost Rock’n’Roll

Al-Jazeera America profiles John Pirozzi’s Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten, a documentary about Cambodian rock’n’roll and musicians who survived the Khmer Rouge. “Until 1975, music thrived in Phnom Penh, with clubs full night after night, crowds gathering in the streets around transistor radios to hear the latest releases, and […]