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Filmi Ladies: “Rebecca & Kohraa

At the Filmi Ladies podcast, Pitu Sultan and the Gutter’s own Beth Watkins discuss Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca and the Hindi adaptation, Kohraa! “We read Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, watched the 1940 Hitchcock adaptation, then watched Biren Nag’s 1964 Hindi adaptation Kohraa. There’s much to love in all […]

Dancing Queen: Amrapali

Did I choose to write about this film because it is currently on Netflix with subtitles and thus more available than hundreds of other things I might have selected? Yes. Does it have something to offer the Gutter reader other than availability? Absolutely.  Amrapali (1966) is one of […]

Filmi Ladies: “Favorite Films Face Off!”

At Filmi Ladies Podcast, Pitu Sultan and the Gutter’s own Beth Watkins share their favorite films! “In this episode, we discuss each of our number one favorite Hindi film! Even though they’re very different films—different eras, different types of directors, though one cast member in common!—we find fascinating […]