“He’s the guitar string that resonates at the frequency of America”

Danny Bowes writes about Christopher Nolan’s Interstallar, baseball and Matthew McConaughey at Letterboxd: “McConaughey is a great movie star for a number of reasons, but one of which is that the nature of his charisma derives from his singular quantum Zen surfer good old boy state of being. His charisma switch doesn’t just have one setting: it has the “smarter than he looks and than anyone gives him credit for” setting, it has the ‘all is one and one is all, and every living thing is like the ocean, connected and interchangeable’ setting that lets him shift between whatever necessary context requires him to McConaughey at a situation to triumph, and there’s the setting on which you can put him on a back porch with a beer in his hand and everything he says is important because he’s a guitar string that resonates at the frequency of America. Thus, it doesn’t really matter that the script doesn’t quite establish his motivation in any kind of properly organic fashion, because he’s McConaughey and he needs to save the fucking world, and that’s enough of a reason because he just gets that look in his eye and you’re like ‘you’re goddamn right this guy can save the fucking world, he’s a proper fucking movie star, now shut up about your little literary inadequacies, we got a movie to watch.'”

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