Stranger Things, Barb and Nostalgia

At Vox, Genevieve Valentine writes about how Stranger Things‘ treatment of Barb reveals the show’s greatest flaw: Its limited view of women” in the story so far: “Nostalgia is a powerful story engine, and Stranger Things is in a sweet spot, since those who grew up with the movies it references are now a prime demographic to appreciate them. The show could have coasted on pastiche, and it makes the most of the opportunity. But it has resonated with 30-something audiences as more than a supercut of influences, in part because of the way it approaches nostalgia.

Rather than using recognizable moments to evoke a particular emotion, Stranger Things channels nostalgia itself, as the Duffer brothers reflect on childhood. The references exist because, for so many people, coming of age meant processing life through those cultural touchstones.”

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