Interview with Simone Missick

The Vulture has an interview with Simone MIssick, Misty Knight on Netflix’s Luke Cage. (There are plot details from Season 2). “The success of Luke Cage breaking Netflix was the reason why we have Black Panther and why we have Black Lightning, Cloak & Dagger, and all of these shows that are popping that represent this reinvigoration of people’s love and interest in black superheroes. The success of these shows is allowing people to see the humanity of black people in ways that they were not exposed to. Luke Cage breaking Netflix because it was the first show to air in 190 countries showed that people all around the world wanted to see a black superhero. Black Panther’s box-office success showed that people all over the globe wanted to see this movie. I think it only helps to have more of these. There is enough sun for us all to sit in.”

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