“Jagged Little Pill Is Actually Very Good.”

Amanda Diebert writes about Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill. “See, when I heard Alanis at 12 I had to sneak it because I wasn’t allowed to listen to secular music, just like I wasn’t allowed to express anger or rage, just like I wasn’t able to speak about sexual assaults I had already experienced too young… something Alanis’ music has given voice to as well. I was 12, but my mom was terminally ill and I was caring for her and my sisters. I had a LOT of anger that I was taught I couldn’t have. For me, JLP was earth-shattering. Here was female rage being held up as good and okay and even, COOL. Aspirational anger?! Are you fucking kidding me. My little conservative Pentacostal school-attending mind was BLOWN. I listened to the radio on super low settings with my ear pressed up against the speaker, just waiting for any song from Jagged Little Pill. Later, after my mother died, even my younger sisters had a poster of Alanis on their wall. Her music spoke to all of us in an dark time.”

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