“Do You Sleep?”

At Gayly Dreadful, Sara Century writes about insomnia and her love of horror movies. “The first horror films I truly remember: Nightmare on Elm Street, The Kiss, Vamp, Hellraiser and Hellraiser II, The Hunger, and Waxwork. These selections I feel are specifically important, as they would be the only films with Queer elements whatsoever that I remember seeing in my youth. Besides horror films, there simply weren’t any gay people in media that I was aware of…at least not for many years to come. Even the films listed here that weren’t queer at all featured a bizarre sexuality that was missing from the comics, books, cartoons, and other films I watched. During the day, I would ingest wholesome media just like any other kid. But at night, it was all vampires and serial killers, and nightmares come to life.”

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