“Looking Back on Nancy Collins’ Swamp Thing”

Friend of the Gutter Sara Century hasn’t forgotten Nancy A. Collins’ run on Swamp Thing. Not at all. “Collins’ run lasted from issues #110-138, during which time delivered excellent characterization for the existing cast, from Abby to Constantine. She grounded the series in local lore and geography, making Swamp Thing seem inherent to the culture and region it had ever claimed to be part of. She added diversity with queer, activist, and Black characters that had scarcely existed in much of the series’ history. She gave us what remains one of the most genuinely unsettling takes on Anton Arcane to this day. She revisited a number of old concepts through a different lens while bringing in interesting new female characters like Lady Jane and Connie Sunderland, though many of them were unfortunately mostly forgotten shortly after the end of her run.”

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