“Parasite as a Horror Film”

At Horror Home Room, Alishya Almeida writes about class, horror and “the abject” in Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite (2019). “In a cosmos ruled by capitalism, the ways in which wealth and labor interact become a matter of haunting. Bong’s path of storytelling highlights the unequal and unjust experiences that accompany one’s possession of wealth or lack thereof. The film does so by moving away from the tendency to vanquish the evil in order that a kind of normalcy is achieved at the end. Throughout the film, the characters interact with the house, the built environment of the city, and the ghost to reveal an economic hierarchy that could be read as monstrous and alive. In renegotiating certain horror film conventions, Parasite reveals a cruel cosmos, rather than a just one in which normality is restored.”

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