“The 15 Best Crime Movies of 2020”

Olivia Rutigliano shares her picks for the top 15 crime movies of 2020 at Crime Reads.

“Here are the rules for our selection: all films considered all had to be full-length feature films, released (in theaters or on streaming services) in the United States during the 2020 calendar year. This list considers international films as well as domestic ones. And, as usual, “crime” is defined rather broadly, to include all illegal activity from theft, to murder, to cons, to gangster shenanigans, to on-the-lam stories. I normally don’t consider ‘war’ films crime films, but I’m counting Da 5 Bloods because it’s a crime-y treasure hunt sent against the backdrop of the Vietnam War. I didn’t know how to maneuver my criteria enough so as to get Kelly Reichardt’s First Cow on this list, but please just know that I loved it and you should watch it.

As with all of our best of year content, this list is not ranked.”

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