“In the Land of Sassy Twinks and Werewolf Daddies”

As part of Gayly Dreadful‘s Gayly Helpful Pride-A-Thon series, Paulette Pierce writes about dysphoria, being non-binary and the Teen Wolf series. “Every time I had a feeling in 2020, I baked a three-layer cake or watched Teen Wolf. Sure, I did other things to soothe the ever-mounting anxiety of pandemic life—abruptly running back and forth between rooms like a house cat was a personal favorite—but these two were the constants, the MVPs who never left my side. And if NYC is a secondary character in every cinematic Bildungsroman set within its chaotic borders, the cis male chest is a secondary character in MTV’s supernatural drama Teen Wolf. In this essay I will—no seriously, in this essay I will explore this undeniable truth because, let me tell you, friends, series creator Jeff Davis didn’t make Tyler Hoechlin do gratuitous shirtless pull-ups for us to ignore his tireless efforts.”

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