“Reading John Frankenheimer’s Seconds

At Pulp Curry, friend of the Gutter Andrew Nette writes about John Frankenheimer’s Seconds (1966)!

Seconds concerns a bored, ennui riven middle class wage slave, who through an almost Faustian pact with a mysterious entity known only as the Company, is given a new body and face, and second chance at life. Escaping from everyday domestic responsibilities, particularly the possibilities for self-discovery and erotic adventure that this promised, would become a key topic of American film and literature from the mid-part of the 1960s onwards. As a cultural trope, it was also a staple of publications such as Playboy and the countless men’s sweat and bachelor magazines that proliferated on the newstands of mid-century America.

But while one can be given a face like Rock Hudson and the potential to enjoy a carefree bohemian beachside existence as a successful artist, will it necessarily make you any happier? Can we escape who we really are?”

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