Sachin Hingoo on Yakuza 0!

At Popshifter, friend of the Gutter Sachin Hingoo writes about Yakuza 0! “Sometimes at the expense of actual fun, Yakuza Zero is a period piece, offered up in earnest. Diversions like full renderings of classic ’80s Sega arcade games like Space Harrier, weirdly engrossing karaoke and disco dancing rhythm games, and activities like baseball, fishing, golf, bowling, and mahjong (to name only a scant few) may not always play directly into the main story, but they breathe a kind of life into the world, even if it’s sometimes as disgusting as that of a pervert’s breath on a hostesses ear. Underneath the crass sexism, there’s a lot of genuinely funny, affecting, exhilarating experiences to be had in Yakuza Zero. It’s a real shame that women will likely be turned off by the game long before it presents itself.”

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