Cinema Junkie: Talking Noir Dames

Friends of the Gutter Beth Accomando and Nora Fiore talk noir dames on KPBS’ Cinema Junkie podcast! In part one, they discuss some of their favorite femmes fatale and then move on to some of the other roles women play in film noir. In part two , they look at even more roles women play in noir. “Film noir is famous for femme fatales, those lethal ladies who could bring men down and not bat one beautiful eyelash. Dames like Jane Greer’s Kathy in Out of the Past or Lizabeth Scott’s Jane in Too Late for Tears.

But Fiore, who as the Nitrate Diva offers fresh takes on old, says that noir serves up so much more than just femme fatales. You can even find genuinely good women who challenge expectations by providing, as Fiore says, ‘a guiding light for men in dark places.'”

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