“Amityville, Hollywood: Looking Back at the Amityville Franchise”

At Manor Vellum, friend of the Gutter Sara Century looks at the Amityville Horror franchise.

“In November of 1974, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. murdered his six immediate family members, including both parents and four younger siblings. The specific details, in this case, have been disputed, but DeFeo, Jr. appears to have been abused as a child and afflicted with undiagnosed mental illness, which led to a troubled adulthood, including possibly hearing voices that urged him to commit the murders. DeFeo, Jr. recently passed away in March 2021 after spending most of his life in jail.

Only a year after the killings, the Lutz family (stepfather George, wife Kathy, and her three children from a previous marriage) moved into the house only to flee about a month later, “never returning for their belongings.” They claimed to have been driven from the residence by malevolent spirits.”

Read more here.

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