“Cloudland Revisited and Rock-a-Bye, Viscount, in the Treetop”

S. J. Perelman rereads Tarzan of the Apes in Library of America’s story of the week! “Between October 1948 and October 1953, Perelman wrote twenty-two reviews of books and silent films that had been popular during the first quarter of the twentieth century, including such cringeworthy fare as Gertrude Atherton’s sensationalist fantasy Black Oxen, Sax Rohmer’s supervillain blockbuster The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu, the “underwater” silent film adaptation of Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea, and the D. W. Griffith melodrama Way Down East, starring Lillian Gish. One of his best and funniest reassessments—which we present in full below as our Story of the Week selection—is his midcentury take on Edgar Rice Burrough’s 1914 novel Tarzan of the Apes.” Read more here.

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