Fantasia 2022: Sachin on Incredible But True (France / Belgium, 2022)

The Gutter’s own Sachin reviews Quentin Dupieux’s Incredible But True (France / Belgium, 2022) at Biff Bam Pop! “Quentin Dupieux creates worlds or, perhaps even more intriguingly, a world where anything can happen. A tire might become a serial killer, as in Rubber (2010). People might commune with pets and attend offices where it’s constantly raining indoors, as in Wrong (2012). A fringed jacket may drive someone mad and try to take over the world as in Deerskin (2019). But at the heart of all these bizarre, some might say unfilmable, premises is a simple message or kernel of an idea that, unlike their outward appearance, is fairly uncontroversial.

Dupieux’s new film, Incredible But True is about, among other things, wish fulfillment. It’s about the simple idea that the things we want most can hurt and cost us tremendously. That’s an idea that’s been explored as long as film and narrative have existed, but never, to my knowledge, in a film about time portals and electric penises.”

More here.

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