“Mexico Maleficarum: Resurrecting 20th Century Mexican Horror Cinema”

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures presents a program of Mexican horror films from the 20th Century.

Hear these sisters and brothers of the night awake. Their existence honors the sheer bravado and passion of the actors and filmmakers who created them. We salute all the institutions, media companies, festivals, historians, and devoted fans, from Mexico and abroad, who have protected the legacy of these films against oblivion. Still today some jewels remain inaccessible, while others are scattered into a limbo of unsupervised transfers and neglect. Join us in a ritual ceremony of resurrection, from the unlit corners of vaults and archives to the mythical canvas of the museum’s screen, where these films will once again face the light beam of the projector and deliver their Mexquisite dark gospel into your souls. Watch the Mexico Maleficarum series trailer here.”

If you will be in Los Angeles this month, you should definitely go. If not, you should add some films to your watchlist. More info here. (Thanks, Stephanie!)

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