Inside the fight to save The People’s Joker!

Jen Yamato writes about the fight to save Vera Drew’s The People’s Joker (2022)! “The fight over The People’s Joker, and its very public eruption at one of the world’s preeminent film festivals, set up a David-and-Goliath story of superheroic proportions. On one side: an indie pastiche budgeted at about $100,000, according to a source close to the project — $19,000 of which was crowdfunded — and made with the help of hundreds of contributing artists all over the world during the pandemic. On the other: the corporation formed from a closely watched, $43-billion merger that brought such blue-chip media properties as HBO, CNN, HGTV and Food Network under one roof.

The kind of story, in fact, you might expect from the maker of “The People’s Joker.”

Read more here.

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