The Feminine Critique: “Don’t Worry Catchup”

At the Feminine Critique Podcast, Emily Intravia and Christine Makepeace catch up! “Christine and Emily run through a whole batch of movies they’ve been watching, with a deep, incredibly angry and baffled into Don’t Worry Darling (don’t worry darlings: we save it to the end and give you plenty of spoiler warnings). Also on the docket: Better Watch Out, Christmas Bloody Christmas, Violent Night, A Wounded Fawn, Barbarian, X & Pearl, The Innocents, Smile, Blood Relative, The Psychic, Amityville 3D, Blood Knot, Emily the Criminal, The Quiet, The Roommate, Without a Clue, The Cutting Edge, Black Christmas, and more!”

Listen here or wherever you cast your pods!

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