From the Archives: Must See TV

Angela is facing off against an eldritch horror this week, so in memoriam of the beloved Rutger Hauer, a Facer of Eldritch Horrors Par Excellence himself, we’re looking back at her review of Channel Zero. It’s on Shudder; his season is season 3, Butcher’s Block. Go get it. Oh, SyFy, […]

Louis Cha’s life and legacy

South China Morning Post‘s Behind The Story looks at the life and work of author Louis Cha. “Bong Miquiabas speaks with Zhou Xin, SCMP political economy editor, about Louis Cha. How he grew up in the village that was the setting for Cha’s first novel, the importance of […]

20 Years of Doctorin’ the TARDIS

July 20 and 21, Big Finish Productions will celebrate 20 years producing audio dramas ranging throughout the Doctor Who universe, including classic and NuWho Doctors and companions voiced by the original actors, spinoffs, spinoffs of spinoffs, an alternate universe where David Warner is the Doctor, massive crossovers, spinoffs […]