Interview with Joe Gage/Tim Kincaid

At Fangoria, Sean Abley interviews Joe Gage, director of the Gay porn “Working Man Trilogy” (L.A. Tool and Die; Kansas City Trucking Co.; and El Paso Wrecking Co.) as well as a bunch of low-budget horror movies under the name, “Tim Kincaid.” (Thanks, Matt!)

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  1. Joe Gage, Tim Kincaid and Mark Larson. I was just curious why three names for one man? Taxes? Write offs? Or just plain AKA’s?


  2. Yes, to separate the works, Joe Gage is the supreme master of queer male porn film. His greatest works are the Kansas City-El Paso-Loa Angeles trilogy, and the monumental “HANDsome,” which, with its “Caravaggio” finale is the most astonishing feat of filming and editing anywhere, and belongs in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.


  3. Also Tim Kincaid is Tim Kinkaid; he has achieved fame and glory under his own name, and as Joe Gage, and also, to a somewhat lesser extent as Mac Larsen. He is a cinematic genius, and a Hollywood Novel novelist of accomplishment; altogether a person of consweuence.


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