Diverse Mysteries List

At Girls Wear Capes, Constance Gibbs shares a list of diverse mysteries for Girls Wear Capes‘ Diverse Reads Week. “I grew up reading mystery novels and obsessed over Veronica Mars. I probably read more Agatha Christie than a ten year old should, plus Encyclopedia Brown, some Nancy Drew computer games, and the Sammy Keyes novel series–a favorite. The only character who was anything like me was Sammy, because she was lower class and lived with her grandmother like I did. But none of the other characters in any of the mystery novels I read looked like me, or looked anything other than white and middle class. So when I recently read two novels that I would have loved as a child, I began to look for other novels that featured sleuths (amateur or professional) that starred non-white protagonists. Almost all of the books listed are YA and almost all of them are by women about female characters.”

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