“Dark Matters with Jaime Hernandez”

Comics creator Jaime Hernandez talks with Dark Matters about The Love Bunglers and his career. “Along with his brothers Gilbert and Mario, pioneering underground comics artist/writer Jaime Hernandez has been a unique and unapologetically Latino voice in comics since 1981. With an influential and beloved body of work out on Fantagraphics, Hernandez started out mixing science fiction into the lives of folks like those he saw all around him in his hometown of Oxnard, California, during the Reagan years. Seen through his eyes, small town life becomes rich with teen anguish, punk rock, Chicano culture, turf wars, romance, strong women, handsome fellas, and the occasional superhero or Mexican wrestling star. Growing his characters into adulthood, Hernandez’s skills as both an artist and a narrator have grown all the richer.”

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