“My Soul Looks Back and Wonders: A Critical Examination of the Wonder Woman Movie”

At Son of Baldwin, Valerie Complex and Robert Jones, Jr. discuss Wonder Woman (2017): “We are being critical of the art we digest. I don’t find a single thing wrong with that. If some wish to characterize this as nitpicking, I find that dismissive, but that is their right. I adore Wonder Woman. I’m ecstatic that this film was finally made and that it’s doing fantastic at the box office. There are things about this film that I thought were amazing. Almost every fight scene was fantastic. I, too, wish they spent more time on Themyscira. Outside of the fight scenes, the scenes on Themyscira is where the film felt most unique and alive. Outside of the racial stereotypes on Themyscira, I enjoyed those scenes the most.

But the minute she leaves the island, she loses any chance at sisterhood.”

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