“Ten Examples of Great Dressing-Gown Acting”

At Multiglom, Anne Billson share excellent dressing-gown acting. “Dressing-gowns are more versatile than you might think. They can signify both soigné upper-class superiority and unkempt low-life sleaze – sometimes both at once. They can be effete, artistic or slatternly – sometimes all at once. In films, the writer or musician often wears a form of dressing-gown while creating; obviously, pausing long enough to get dressed properly would give the elusive muse a chance to flee. But it can also a sign that the wearer has given up on life, is suffering from low self-esteem or can’t face the outside world – sometimes all at once. Or maybe it’s just a sign that the wearer doesn’t need to face the outside world – he has lackeys to do it for him.”

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