“I am still alive, I am still curious. I am not a piece of rotting flesh.”

The Guardian profiles filmmaker Agnès Varda. Nowadays, Varda is spending less time researching new ways of making cinema. Not because she hasn’t got the energy but because she believes she can do more groundbreaking work with art installations. In the end, she says, all art is about communication. And installations allow audiences to engage more intimately than traditional films do. Varda has made structures from 35mm prints of her old films and has turned her documentary, The Widows of Noirmoutier, into an installation where visitors put on headphones and choose which widow to spend time with. “I’m trying to move the relationship between people and art,” she says. “Art should ring a bell in your own life. You should get involved. I don’t want people to say it’s great, I want people to say: ‘It is for me.’”

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