“La Mariana Sailing Club: Honolulu’s Last Old School Tiki Bar”

The Gutter’s own Keith has a mai tai at Honolulu’s La Mariana Sailing Club. “At first you might think you’ve taken a wrong turn. Somewhere between the H1 and Nimitz Highway, you must have missed something, because here you are, closer to the airport than the beach at Waikiki, surrounded not by the Royal Hawaiian and the Moana Surfrider but by dark, sinister-looking warehouses, lights out and shutters down for the evening. Driving slowly down the Sand Island Access Road, your sneaking suspicion that Google Maps steered you wrong grows. Thankfully, there’s not much traffic in this industrial part of town after hours. Convinced that you must have missed something, but with your GPS insisting you’re close, you double back, even slower this time. Maybe this wasn’t a job for modern technology. Maybe you should have relied on a weathered old parchment map.”

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