“The Best Actress in the World”

At Bright Wall, Dark Room, Carrie Couregen writes an exquisite piece about Jane Fonda and Klute. “Time has a habit of showing us the ways in which it is a flat circle, always continuing but never really changing. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes a film like Klute remain so relevant 50 years later, to the extent that it is not just timeless but shockingly and shamefully timely. It’s full of characteristics that can date even the most enduring of films—the costuming, the era’s technology, the vocabulary used to discuss sex work, the down and dirty version of New York City—but its subject matter still strikes a chord. What remains most chilling about Klute today is not the plot itself, but the thought that we are all slowly becoming Bree Daniels, playing versions of ourselves while trying to make it through a world that is still no more safe to exist in with a female body.”

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