“Re-Routing The Horrific & The Black Subject In Film With Dianca London Potts”

At Graveyard Shift Sisters, friend of the Gutter Ashlee Blackwell considers the horrific, Black horror, the white gaze and the Black subject among other things in her profile of Dianca London Potts. “Dianca’s exemplary analysis makes her an exciting, sobering voice in pop culture criticism. This Bucks County, Pennsylvania dropout now Brooklyn inhabitor has made her way through The New School, Arcadia University, even Christian formal school and out as a scribe for the Village Voice and many more recognizable publications if you spend a lot of time on the internet learning new things. Her candid expressions are an opus of honest declarations that she backs with oodles of historical receipts. With equal enthusiasm, she is also the online editor for Well-Read Black Girl, a book club that celebrates the literary acheivements of women throughout the African diaspora. Her forthcoming memoir, Planning for the Apocalypse: Meditations on Faith and Being the Only Black Girl at Your Party has officially moved to number one of my must-read’s for 2018.”

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