Filmi Ladies on Party Songs!

The Gutter’s own Beth Watkins joins Pitu Sultan and special guest Amrita from Khandaan Podcast to talk party songs on the Filmi Ladies Podcast! “”Party song” is a concept we all think we understand, but this decades-old building block of Hindi cinema deserves a closer look. The one and only Amrita from [Khandaan Podcast] is here to be the party police—in a GOOD way—and offers a great working definition that we expand across the years and look at songs from the 1960s through today. Her definition starts at 0:01:15 and it’s quite brilliant. Pitu adds more crucial ingredients starting at 0:03:20, including the importance of main character energy and playing musical instruments inappropriately. Beth wonders if really a party song really only requires someone to behave like Shammi Kapoor.”

Listen to the podcast here AND there’s a playlist you can listen to!

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