The Dominion of Shlock

Nat Taylor invented the multiplex cinema and was one of the founders of the private film-industry lobby in Canada, so feel free to despise him. But since the guy just died this past February 29 at a helpless age 98, why not remember him for his virtues – […]

The Name Game

While I wait in the lobby of one of the largest game studios in the world, I watch someone go through to the inner sanctum. The shiny barrier, with transparent doors that whir apart at the wave of a card-pass, looks familiar — I think I’ve seen the […]

Something Awful (whose slogan, The Internet Makes You Stupid, says a lot about the site) has a great parody of videogame hype, Solitaire 2: Solitaire Harder. Sample soundbite: “Authentic card sound effects beautifully recreate the real sounds of playing card games. The sound will be so amazing you’ll […]

School of Toons

Sheldon Cohen is in his element. It’s half an hour after the last bell at St. Joseph’s Elementary School in Montreal has sent the kids home to eat Pizza Pops in front of the tube. But two dozen of them are sticking around, cramming the school’s slipshod art […]

After an intro like this, the game (Onimusha 3) will have to be a let-down. But still, if it has a tenth of the imaginative power it’ll tower above most games. And it’s not just because I’ve always wanted to fight zombie samurai within insectile zepplin-esque motherships.

We Don’t Want Your Revolution

Yevgeny Zamiatin was an enthusiastic supporter of the Russian Revolution in 1917 but by 1924 and the publication of a book ironically entitled We, he was worried that the revolution had brought not freedom but repression and conformity. After being persecuted for many years, he wrote an angry […]