Too Damn Talky

Games are often criticised for not having any plot. What isn’t given much consideration is whether it’s possible for there to be too much story. The Longest Journey (Funcom, 2000) made me think about this a lot.

The pothead gamer

A recent letter to eye (Letters, June 12) implied that this column was in league with SARS. “The locals going out and spending their dollars is all we have to cling to right now. And I want to open your paper and be encouraged to go out and […]

Mission: Look at Neat Stuff

Ninjalicious is the founder of Infiltration, a zine documenting his urban exploration hobby in hilarious and diagram-enhanced travelogues. He’s recently been playing Thief II (Eidos, 2000), a videogame with a focus on stealth, and I asked him about how the first-person sneaker measured up to his real-life experience.

Lara’s more interesting sisters

Powerful women are sexy, and this cuts both ways. MobyGames, a game documentation and review project, has a categorization for female protagonists that shows that there have been about as many games released in the first three years of this decade as there was in the entire previous […]

Punchy pixels

My grandfather was a boxer. Came here from Scotland barely out of his teens as Philip Heron, but his manager figured “Red Munroe” would look better on the fight bill, so he changed it. Either his new name or his right hook worked well, I guess, because he […]

Stealing Grand Theft Auto

I tried, you know. I tried to go legit. I sent two emails and left one voice message with Jeff Castaneda, Media Relations at Rockstar Games, explaining that I was starting a videogame column and that I’d be interested in considering the material for review. Grand Theft Auto: […]