Shashi Kapoor, Shooting Star!

The Gutter’s own Beth Watkins reviews Aseem Chhabra’s Shashi Kapoor: The Householder, The Star for Indian Express. “Of all the Hindi film stars from the 1960s to 1980s, how could people forget Shashi Kapoor? He did everything. He was a major mainstream hero and a stalwart of multi-starrers, a producer of highly-regarded parallel cinema, a player of leading roles in international productions, and a dedicated supporter of theatre. Almost 50 years before Priyanka Chopra sang for the National Football League on American TV, Shashi Kapoor starred as a gigolo in a romance with Disney child star Hayley Mills in a film based on a Noël Coward story (Pretty Polly, 1967)—but most people don’t remember that, if they ever knew it in the first place.

How fickle is cultural memory, somehow able to misplace the contributions of such an artist, and how amazing is the true story of Kapoor’s career. That is exactly the reason you should devour Shashi Kapoor: The Householder, the Star: it’s astounding that he did all of this so successfully, having three careers when other actors would be desperate to excel at just one.”

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