“The world is in a vampire movie. Maybe it always has been.”

At Graveyard Shift Sisters, Tarik Davis talks about the horror and monsters of American life in his series, “Stakes is High.” “In this series of coming articles, I will display the similarities and connections between vampirism and racism. I will illustrate how President Barack Obama is Blade (from the 1998 Marvel movie Blade) and Trump is Deacon Frost and how the media act like Trump’s Vampire familiars. I will argue that we all have monster tendencies in America, specifically, how Black men who act like Fauxteps are nothing but dry storms of wind and sand like The Mummy. And finally, I hope to conclude my argument with hopeful solutions to not only help us cope but to help us defeat the darkness ahead.

Thanks for taking this bizarre journey with me for these are bizarre times. Stay strong and resist.”

Here is part one. And here is the whole series.

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