“Black Storytellers Are Using Horror to Battle Hate”

“Black Horror is far from a new phenomenon, as demonstrated by last year’s documentary Horror Noire, based on the book by Robin R. Means Coleman, which unpacked the deeper meaning behind a century of African American history in frightening screen stories—from the silent era to 1968’s Night of the Living Dead, with its tragic Black hero (Duane Jones) who survived zombies only to be killed by clueless white vigilantes; 1972’s debonair Blacula, about an African prince cursed with vampirism after trying to defy slave traders; and director Rusty Cundieff’s 1995 anthology Tales From the Hood, with its dark morality tales of corrupt cops, an unrepentant white supremacist, and a gang killer. Today’s new wave of Black horror is building on this legacy and growing larger, with each hit making Hollywood studios and book publishers eager for more.” More at Vanity Fair, including interviews with Tananarive Due, Nia DaCosta, Gerard Bush, Misha Green, Victor LaValle and Colson Whitehead,

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