The Feminine Critique likes Lasers

On the Feminine Critique, Emily and Christine talk about a lot of films that have lasers and you can listen here! “We’re back, and as usual, we’ve brought a boat load of stuff to talk about! A TITANIC load, you might say. Just kidding: DID YOU KNOW CHRISTINE HAS NEVER SEEN TITANIC? Side note: we don’t actually discuss Titanic, but if you want her to watch it, please tell us. So what DO we talk about? A lot, including: Don’t Look Up, Passing, Tick Tick Boom, The Power of the Dog, Being the Ricardos, Resident Evil, all things Matrix, The Burning, Son, All the President’s Men, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, Spiral (the Saw one), and most importantly, The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Crown. It’s a LOT of Vanessa Hudgeons. And other stuff.”

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