The Feminine Critique: “Orphan Pillow Monster Catch Up Spectacular”

“It’s another big ol’ catchup, where Christine and Emily wrangle their wild lists of what they’ve been watching (which is suitably 80% in the horror genre). We save the spoilery talk on Orphan: (Esther’s) First Kill, Nope, and Yellowjackets for the final fully warned segment. Before that, highlights include the career of Isabelle Fuhrman, the horror community’s ranking of new films based on which streaming platform they land on, and our evolution on the works of Michael Mann. Movies on the docket: Everything Everywhere All At Once, The Novice, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, Nobody, Vengeance, Young Frankenstein, Margeaux, 10 x 10, The Beautician and the Beast, the remake of The Hitcher, Amulet (again because it’s spectacular), Clash of the Titans, At Granny’s House (aka the one that’s sort of like The Room), Mosquito, #Like, The Believers, Child’s Play 2, Meander, They/Them, The Long Night, The Black Phone, Prey, and other stuff!” Listen here!

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