“Social Distortion: Weegee’s Marilyn”

Marya E. Gates has some thoughts on Andrew Dominik’s Blonde (2022), Marilyn Monroe, and the photography of Weegee. “Weegee would take this idea of distorted reality even further with his doctored images of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, warping them ever so slightly, enough so that they feel off but remain recognizable. Although they aren’t considered among Weegee’s finest work2, they do ask us to consider what iconography really means. In a sense, that’s what Dominik’s Blonde does with Marilyn, but the writer-director goes beyond just distortion of iconic imagery, instead choosing to pulverize that imagery, and to make his Monroe nothing but a vessel who suffers and bleeds. A corpse, reanimated just to be destroyed again.” Read more here.

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