Kicking Ass, Literary Style

I don’t have much patience for vampire stories, so I never felt much attraction to the Buffy and Angel universe. I could see how people would get pretty wrapped up in it: ongoing storylines, smart characterization, constant action, snappy one-liners, reportedly the whole bit. When Joss Whedon, Buffy […]

There’s an interesting interview with an actress in ilovebees, a “search opera” run to promote Halo 2 that was more innovative than the shooter itself (probably in no small part due to novelist Sean Stewart‘s involvement).

The four editors at Revolution SF have their say about What is Best in Life 2004: “It’s almost overwhelming, really, to think about how mainstream and blasé everyone has become about Geek Culture… If anything, all of these movies, books, TV shows, and what-not are proof that We […]

X-Treme Measures

Some readers may flinch at the very scent of a superhero comicbook. Decades of flat artwork, turgid prose and hypertrophied subplots have frightened off all but a handful of masochists from the world of capes and glutes. It’s a trend Marvel Comics means to change.