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Numbers Cannot Lie

Over at Dubious Quality, Bill Harris runs some numbers on his videogaming habits and comes to the conclusion that expensive mega-hits like Call of Duty are doomed to extinction: “Would I rather buy one $59 game or 20 mobile games? With almost no exceptions (NHL and Skyrim are […]

Chasing the High Score Dragon

I’m not hardcore. Admitting that, opens up a world of possibilities, and closes no doors. Labeling yourself as such opens a Pandora’s box of criticism from people who live and bleed what you think you do. So I’m not going to make any outlandish statements, and start to […]

Dealing with the R-Type Personality

R-Type has a funny way of showing its affection. It doesn’t give you black eyes, but it still makes them red and twitchy. You don’t eat as much. You abuse caffeine and other stimulants, as if that makes much of a difference. Its benchmark of expectation keeps rising. […]