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Awesome Game, Shame about the Dialogue

Tom Bissell over at Grantland loves Skyrim the game… the exposition-spewing side of Skyrim not so much: “Dense expositional lore has no place in video-game stories — especially stories that go without highly wrought cinematics — and it seems increasingly clear that video games are neither dramatically effective […]

Numbers Cannot Lie

Over at Dubious Quality, Bill Harris runs some numbers on his videogaming habits and comes to the conclusion that expensive mega-hits like Call of Duty are doomed to extinction: “Would I rather buy one $59 game or 20 mobile games? With almost no exceptions (NHL and Skyrim are […]

Chasing the High Score Dragon

I’m not hardcore. Admitting that, opens up a world of possibilities, and closes no doors. Labeling yourself as such opens a Pandora’s box of criticism from people who live and bleed what you think you do. So I’m not going to make any outlandish statements, and start to […]