“Hollywood Gave Up On You: The Summer Blockbuster Movies of 2016”

Friend of the Gutter Jessica Ritchey writes about 2016’s summer blockbusters: “And it matters more than it might seem that Hollywood has lost its nerve and touch in making blockbusters. Pop culture is how a society of diverse people talk to each to other—finding common idioms no matter the person’s background or community to connect. And it matters that the stories Hollywood seems most interested in are stories of apocalypse, of heroes who are tired of the weak mortals who constantly need saving, with an interest in women only so far as they can prop up lucrative intellectual property. We are facing an election cycle where one of the loudest voices is encouraging us to give in to our worst instincts, to be as greedy and selfish and unkind as we can. We need a Superman who smiles and talks suicidal jumpers off the ledge. We need stories about women and POC who are more than prizes, victims and sidekicks. We need to be reminded of the acts of heroism of which we’re capable.”

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