Interview with John Boorman

At the Guardian, Xan Brooks interviews John Boorman, director of Point Blank (1967), Deliverance (1972), Zardoz (1974), Excalibur (1981) and the upcoming, Queen & Country. “If he could rewind to 1952 and reprise the entire trip, he cannot imagine exactly what he would change. Boorman frowns. ‘Actually, I can’t even contemplate it. I’m a completely different person now. Occasionally somebody will come up and say: “Oh, I love Point Blank.” And I want to say: “It was made by somebody with my name but quite different from me.” I made those early films out of fear and daring. Once you get to the point where you understand the process, you can never work in that state of innocence again.'” (Thanks, Colin!)

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