Parasite (2019), Fried Chicken and King Castella Franchises

“Parasite, the first foreign language film to win the Academy Award for best picture, and the first to be condemned in public by a U.S. president, is a story of poverty and inequality. The movie, which is also the first Korean movie to win an Oscar, is centered on the Kim family, who live in a basement in Seoul. But how did the Kim family end up there? The movie drops only the slightest of hints in the family’s conversation as they retrace the career of the patriarch, Ki-taek. Yet a Korean audience would immediately grasp the implication behind these simple words: ‘chicken place’ and ‘king castella.’ For those familiar with a typical career trajectory in South Korea, those terms reveal a whole world of middle-class failure—reflecting economic hopes and tragedies that still resonate throughout the country.” More from S. Nathan Park here.

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